uni-ball refillable pens now available on easichalk

uni-ball refillable pens

Looking for a great value, eco friendly writing pens? Well, look no further, uni-ball refillable pens are now available to buy at easichalk. So you can add to your stationery with sustainability in mind.

Reduce waste, extend your pen life

Reduce your carbon footprint and plastic consumption while extending the life of your favourite writing pens with uni-ball refills.

uni-ball refillable pens

The uni-ball refillable pens come as environmentally friendly plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable packs. Available at easichalk for the Vision Elite, Gel Impact, JetStream and SIGNO 207 Rollerball ranges, each refillable pen pack include two fully working pens and two additional refills.

We want to make choosing the greener option to be the obvious, fuss-free choice. These refill packs are part of uni-ball’s continuing work to be a more sustainable business and to provide you with simple, green solutions.

These specially designed packs for our uni-ball refillable pens provide an all-in-one solution and means no more hunting around for the correct refill for a specific pen. The also effectively double the lifespan of the pens; reducing the need for more plastic consumption. The all-in-one package is a convenient buy and an easy way to go green.

Simply make one purchase, use the pens, and refill without compromising on the quality of your handwriting.

uni-ball refillable pens; The Vision Elite

A Vision Elite refillable pen pack is absolutely perfect for travellers. And, while few of us have been travelling recently, it’s nice to plan for a future trip!

uni-ball refillable pens

We know it’s fun to while away a long flight by writing some notes, catching up on work and doing some puzzles, so it’s super annoying when your pen leaks or runs out. You won’t have those problems with the uni-ball Vision Elite. Plus with as it’s one of our uni-ball refillable pens, you know you can rely on this for time to come.

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or simply going on your holidays (remember them?), pack a Vision Elite in your hand-luggage so you’ve got the right tool for your travels. The Vision Elite features ‘Airplane Safe’ technology which prevents leaks due to pressure changes in aircraft, so it’s perfect for when you’re up in the air.

This clear-writing 0.8mm ball pen contains uni Super Ink so, when you get down to earth, you can continue using it on important documents and lengthy written projects.

Reliable refillable pen; The Gel Impact

Want a refillable pen with a bit of punch? Check out the uni-ball Gel Impact pen.

uni-ball refillable pens

Want a refillable pen with a bit of punch? Check out the uni-ball Gel Impact pen.

This should be your first choice when you need a sturdy pen that delivers a bold line to give you eye-catching handwriting. Use the Gel Impact pen on cards, journals, letters and keepsakes, its solid, opaque line will not disappoint. We love it on gift tags and bullet journaling. And with the refillable pack you can be assured that you will fill volumes of journals before you even think about replacing your pen(s).

It’s a joy to work with too, the pen’s ultra-smooth gel ink and sturdy rubber grip combines comfort, quality and reliability. The Gel Impact contains uni Super Ink ensuring your smart script looks fresh for a lifetime.

uni-ball refillable pens; The SIGNO 207

This pen is solid, in fact we think every home should have a refillable pack of these pens as they are super reliable and hardworking.

uni-ball refillable pens

The SIGNO 207 is that trusty everyday pen. The one you reach for to jot down a message or number, the one you write the shopping list with and that one you use to dash off a note. Oh and don’t forget the one the kids snaffle for themselves for school and college work. That’s why the refillable pack is such a life-saver!

The uni-ball SIGNO 207 is one of our favourite uni-ball refillable pens. It’s retractable so you don’t have to mess about with lids. It has a textured grip for comfort for so it’s not a strain for left-handed users to work with. This easy grip pen ensures comfortable use for extended writing periods – great for that novel you’re plotting!  The newly designed, strong and sturdy 0.7mm nib ensures even the longest written work is transcribed with ease.

uni-ball refillable pens

Reliable refillable pen; The JetStream

We haven’t forgotten the lefties! Because left-handed writers need uni-ball refillable pens too!

uni-ball refillable pens

The uni Jetstream RT pen is designed for all those ambidextrous writers out there. It’s so much more than regular rollerball pen. Yeah, you get smooth, fast flowing writing, but the pen also has the fast-drying properties of a simple ballpoint so there’s less smudging, making it ideal for left-handers.  Its been ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to use for both left and right-handed writers, and it’s retractable too.

The Jetstream also comes with the added benefit of uni-ball’s Super Ink, so it’s great for important documents and journaling. The refills are easy to use, once you’ve used the long-lasting ink, which will take a while, you can unscrew the silver top and refill with your super slim cartridge.

uni-ball refillable pens