Be inspired by POSCA artists

POSCA artists

We’re always on the look out for ways to kick start your creative journey so why not be inspired by POSCA artists? We have artists from around the world, pushing their creativity to the max with POSCA paint markers and we are showcasing five of them here.

You only have to check out our POSCA Artist of the Year competition on our Facebook and Instagram channels to see the diverse range of artistic styles that flourish with POSCA paint markers.

We love POSCA

As you will see below POSCA pens are brilliant for so many art and graphic design styles. The colourful paint markers are also effective on a range of surfaces including paper, card, stone, glass, ceramic, leather, fabric, wood and plastic, making them the perfect pen for up-cycling, personalising clothes, creating decorations or designing a greeting.

So while you can practice a range of arty looks and techniques, the multi-purpose, multi-surface ability of the markers gives your POSCA markers a multitude of uses; making them excellent value for you or a great gift for the creative in your life.

Be inspired by POSCA artists: Korp

Be inspired by POSCA artists

Check out the bright contemporary style of the UK artist known as Korp.

Korp employs multi-layered stencil techniques and marker pens to create iconographic imagery. His stencil work displays a remarkable level of patience and an exceptional eye for detail and the use of text and hidden meanings in many of the images belies a subverted playfulness.

Love his work? Wanna be like him? Cool as you can also learn from the artist himself and get to master his POSCA techniques with his POSCA Club. Here you’ll learn how to use POSCA pens to create your own Korp style artwork. Korp will talk you through a specific character, doodle artist or POSCA technique. ​As a subscriber you will get access to the Zoom links, replay videos and discount codes via the POSCA Club Blog in the members area.

POSCA artists Korp

Mariana Agmont Studio – everyday pattern

Mariana Agmont Studio POSCA artist

We’re going a bit further a-field with this POSCA artist. Mariana Agmont is a San Francisco-based designer who defines herself as a new creative and can merge several techniques to navigate a world that is constantly changing.

Using nature as a strong theme in her work, Mariana’s colourful designs in fashion, home furnishing and décor have been seen  and loved in countries as wide-ranging as Norway, Australia, Portugal, US and her home-country of Brazil.

Today Mariana develops collections for the home fashion and textile industry, designs branded interactive experiences and exclusive prints working closely with fashion designers and and artists. Check out her Everyday Pattern insta account to see how she uses POSCA pens when developing her beautiful designs

Mariana Agmont Studio POSCA artist

Be inspired by POSCA artists, Art by NZ

POSCA artist Art by NZ

As we’ve said earlier POSCA is amazing for up-cycling and Art by NZ has really ran with this when it comes to her work. With fans such as Kate Moss and Meg Matthews, Art by NZ creates fantastic one-of-a-kind, up-cycled artworks that are edgy, cool and, quite frankly, inspired!

She is already POSCA Artist of the Year Month Four Winner for her Spaceman piece above with her creative take on the theme ‘history’. You can see her in action, applying her individual, playful touch to all manner of items on her truly inspirational TikTok page.  We love her clever combination of hand-lettering and retro motifs.

Be inspired by POSCA artists

Inspiration from Tamo Art Gallery

Tamo gallery posca artist

Now we’re off to Japan to meet Tamo, a  graphic artist who loves surfing and the iconography that accompanies it. Influenced by surf culture, his waves and sea creatures are drawn with his unique, playful  touch using POSCA.

Be inspired by POSCA artists

Tamo started his career as a graphic designer working on surf brand T-shirts before branching out as an artist.  He is now the leader and creative director of Hawaii Lifestyle Club and has had exhibitions at Aloha Table and Yokohama World Porters. He uses his talents in as collaborations with apparel companies and on YouTube.

We adore his bright, colourful stye, that while referencing surf iconography, has a stunning look that’s unique to him. Take a look at his insta and get your fix of his colourful, sunny surf style.

Be inspired by POSCA artists, Things by Diana

Be inspired by POSCA artists

We’ll finish our global tour of POSCA artists with a Canadian artist living in Taiwan, Things by Diana. This talented illustrator makes fun and beautiful fantasy artwork. Her work really shows off the exquisite range of POSCA colours at her disposal – giving her intricate illustrations a magical, almost retro-cartoon quality.

Be inspired by POSCA artists

Just like Korp, Things by Diana also runs POSCA classes. You can attend a 20-week online course where you will learn about creating fantasy creatures with your colourful paint pens.  Diana will talk you through the how to master the basics of working with POSCAs, from shading, line-work, and colour combinations to composition and concept building. Plus, you’ll learn the basics of monster anatomy to flesh out believable fantasy creatures in Diana’s signature style and get to see her work process.