We love National Stationery Week

This week is National Stationery Week and we love taking part in any event that celebrates stationery! While you can come and see us at the London Stationery Show this week we’re also loving the social media prompts that National Stationery week are promoting throughout the week.  These prompts shout about the amazing things to explore during the National Stationery Week’s seven days of stationery. And uni-ball products fit perfectly.


I mean who doesn’t love a list? And uni-ball pens are a joy to make lists with. Whatever your writing style, a good list will help you organise your life and give you some headspace as you take time to make it. If you like a writing with a very, very precise line try making your lists with the Uni-ball Signo UM-151 038 pictured above. It’s an all-time classic super-fine gel pen. The superb 0.38mm tip writes a tiny 0.2mm line, yet gives you very strong and astonishingly smooth-writing.


Ryman loves pens and so do we! We love all our pens. For this theme we thought we’d showcase our EYE designer range.  This 0.7mm nib pen is available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine. This colourful range is great for graphic work, drawing and writing, making them ideal for journaling and adding a bit of colour to work or school notes. They look great too, so are perfect for brightening up your stationery stash!


We think global here and love to use our pens to illustrate locations from around the world. One of our uni-ball artists Chris Dove showcased this to great effect with his ‘Rooves’ series created with uni-PIN pens. The artist became fascinated with the pattern of Venice’s streets, the canals, the dead ends, the tight streets opening into open expanses of public squares. This initial drawing looking at the rooftops, streets, squares and canals of Venice started a study into other European cities. Other drawings followed, working in a similar scale and style to develop a set, for Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm and Rome amongst others.


Looking for a perfect pen to showcase your handwriting when jotting down notes for yourself or sending a quick note? Then take a look at the  uni-Air. It writes like a dream.  The revolutionary nib of the Air is pressure sensitive, meaning that it gives a writing experience and adjustable line width similar to that of a fountain pen. So while it has all the lush gorgeousness of a fountain pen it doesn’t leak like one. It’s therefore ideal for smart handwriting and note taking on the go.


Well here is something to make you feel good on Friday of National Stationery Week. You can decorate a journal with POSCA pens then have fun filling it with drawing, doodles and thoughts. You can recreate this project yourself by following our how-to on the Hobbycraft website.


Mitsubishi Pencil Company
Our new EMOTT pens are currently exclusively available in-store at WHSmith. So why not pop into your nearest outlet this Saturday to get your hands on your new pens? See our EMOTTs in action here…


In the age of email, insta, twitter, facebook and snapchat, the letter seems so quaint and old fashioned. While the joy of contacting people spontaneously and immediately is great there is something to be said for the letter and a handwritten message. The humble letter or handwritten note is one that speaks to our hearts and a permanent memento you can give someone a item to treasure and love for years. This is especially true when you write with uni EYE  pens; their Super ink means they write fade-free and tamper free so your messages will last.  For more letter-themed inspiration check out Letters of Note .